Embrace Change!

 Reducing your household's carbon footprint is a massive start  to turning eco-friendly. To get started, we first need to measure your household's carbon footprint estimate. In any case you find this a bit difficult, watch out for a tutorial,  

Calculate Your Household Footprint Here

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The Climate Change Quiz To change your Life!

 This interactive climate change quiz will surprise you! Taking this quiz will change your perspective and give you a good foundation on how your lifestyle could help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

The Daily Eco lifestyle Grind

Catch up on my daily hacks and progress!

1 Million Women!

Who change the World? Women!

 This platform aims to inspire a global movement of women acting on climate change. By taking on lifestyle tasks, you can numerically track your progress on how much greenhouse gases you are able to reduce. You can either pledge individually or join a community for support and cheering on!