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I am here to pave the way for you to switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle! There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around.  If you don't find what you are looking for,  feel free to contact me and ask!
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My name is Mel and my cute little tot is Zoe :)

I have always been concerned about the environment, so much so that i did alll my studies upto masters level around environmental science and management.. my role model is Wangari Maathai.  

One thing that I have always been curious about is why there appears to be a general disconnect between us people and the environment. Nonetheless, despite all the concern about the environment and knowing a good amount of science behind it, my life continued, as usual. 

And then I became a mother. I then couldn't stand to imagine what my child's future would be like if we don't mend the planet. So I came up with this platform,  to document my venture in leading an eco friendly lifestyle and hopefully, inspire you, fellow moms, to do the same. 

Apart from sharing my thoughts, ideas,  struggles and progress, I will be sharing personally handpicked and tried out recommendations, so you can get the best of everything. 

In this platform, I hope to provide all the support you need. To keep in touch, you can follow my social media platforms by clicking on the social media icons in my website. You can also join my emailing list or simply send me an email, messge or DM.

Each one of us is instrumental in saving our planet. 

It cannot get any more supermom than this! Let's do this!



I'm a  first-time mum switching to an eco friendly lifestyle
I'm a first-time mum switching to an eco friendly lifestyle

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